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About Contractor Formula

The brutal truth about the contracting industry

Everyone’s doing the SAME THING!

There are way too many contracting companies and they’re all providing the same services with the same process.

They say, “this is how the industry has been for decades, why would we change it now?

This statement is our favorite thing to hear.

We are innovators constantly seeking the opportunity to create new value in an industry.

To us, value innovation is a new way of thinking about the contracting industry that results in breaking free from the competition.

If you want to be a growing company generating hundreds of leads a month while leaving the competition behind, you need to be creative, new, efficient

Something that exceeds your potential client’s preconceived expectations of the fence buying process.

This is Contractor Formula.

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Check out our values

Our mission is to create the perfect process that can be applied to your contracting company and exceed your wildest expectations of success.

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Value #1

Value our clients’ business as if it were our own

Value #4

Encourage those apart of CF to apply their own personalities and ideas into everything that they do

Value #2

Benefit the maximum amount of people

Value #5

Set a standard by which other marketing companies are held

Value #3

Under promise, over deliver

Value #6

Don’t take work too seriously